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Silence, nature, and exclusivity. These are the three concepts to describe Hotel Castillejo; an ideal hotel to enjoy intimacy, rest, and good cuisine.

The Hotel el Castillejo unites the ideas of respect for the environment, preference for the Km. 0 product, local economy, sustainability and self-sufficiency, with the highest standards of quality and comfort.

During the start-up of our project, we have taken care of every last detail to give the entire project the same coherence as a whole.

The Rural Hotel El Castillejo is a hotel that cares about the environment in every way.

The Hotel, El Castillejo enjoys the highest energy efficiency certification. The hotel is very open to the south, with large windows that take advantage of the generous hours of sunshine, and closed to the north, with small windows, to isolate it from the cold.

Surrounded by nature and five minutes from the center of Cuevas del Becerro, this location guarantees that you will be able to disconnect from the day to day as you breathe in an air of tranquility and silence.

This is a destination of emotional well-being where our guests can rest in our comfortable rooms and relax in the gardens overlooking the mountains.


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Rural Hotel el Castillejo is a hotel that cares about the environment in every way. During the implementation of our project, we have taken every detail into account to create a sense of cohesion throughout the space. Hotel el Castillejo unites the ideas of protecting the environment, giving preference to km 0 products and the local economy, sustainability, and self-sufficiency; all with the highest standards of quality and comfort.

The Hotel, el Castillejo holds a certificate of the highest mark for energy efficiency. The hotel is southern-oriented and has large windows to take advantage of the many hours of daylight. Whereas the north side of the hotel has small windows to insulate from the cold temperatures.

THE LOCATION. The Hotel, El Castillejo is located in the beautiful forest and is only 150 meters from the source of the river Arroyo Carrizal and a natural, spring water source.


¿Qué nos hace ecológicos?

El Hotel rural el Castillejo es un hotel ecológico en todos los sentidos.

Durante la puesta en marcha de nuestro proyecto, hemos cuidado hasta el último detalle para dar a todo el proyecto en global la misma coherencia. El Hotel el Castillejo, une las ideas de respeto por el medio ambiente, preferencia por el producto Km.0, economía local, sostenibilidad y autosuficiencia, con los máximos estándares de calidad y confort.

El Hotel, El Castillejo goza de la máxima certificación de eficiencia energética. El hotel está muy abierto al sur, con grandes ventanales que aprovechan las generosas horas de sol, y cerrada al norte, con pequeñas ventanas, para aislarla del frío.

LA SITUACIÓN. El Hotel, El Castillejo se sitúa en un precioso bosque donde desde la empresa se llevarán a cabo actuaciones encaradas a aumentar la biodiversidad de la zona

Dónde estamos

Av. de la Eras, S/N, 29470
Cuevas del Becerro, Málaga

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